Users can now begin contributing storage capacity to the NeoFS decentralized storage network. A recent article by the network’s developers, Neo SPCC, provides instructions on how anyone can set up and deploy a NeoFS storage node for use during the N3 TestNet.

By participating in the networking by storing data, storage nodes offer a service to NeoFS users and receive due compensation in GAS. During these early testing stages, N3 TestNet GAS is used for basic income and data audit payments.

In the guide, Neo SPCC walks through the steps needed to prepare a NeoFS deploy a storage node. Users will require a Linux machine with Docker and an N3-compatible wallet. After creating a wallet and receiving TestNet GAS from the faucet, users will deposit GAS to the NeoFS contract and begin storage node configuration.

A follow up article from the team will cover the economic model in more detail from the perspective of storage nodes and data providers.

The full guide can be read at the following link: