StackOS has announced it will contribute an equivalent of US $28,000 in rewards for select participants in the Neo Frontier Launchpad. In May 2021, Neo Global Development announced StackOS as an event partner, which was soon followed by the successful deployment of a Neo node on its infrastructure. The StackOS team noted:

Over the past three years, we have been building the decentralized cloud of StackOS; during the development phase of this program, you will be one of the first to discover the power of deploying on StackOS and are able to win great prizes in doing so.

StackOS is an open-source infrastructure protocol where individuals collectively offer computing resources to establish a decentralized cloud. It can be used to deploy full-stack applications, dApps, blockchain PrivateNets, and MainNet nodes. To claim memory, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth on StackOS, users stake STACK, NEO, and GAS, among other tokens.

StackOS notes that every Launchpad participant can deploy to StackOS’ decentralized cloud and receive a grant equivalent to $50 in computing resources. The Neo team will email a link to Launchpad participants who wish to request the $50 grant in STACK tokens. Additionally, the following Launchpad participants will receive an equivalent amount of STACK tokens:

  • Three Major prize winners: $3,000 equivalent of STACK per winner
  • Eight Excellence prize winners: $2,000 equivalent of STACK per winner
  • Three random winners: $1,000 equivalent of STACK per winner

The Major and Excellence prizes will be awarded to the winners of those categories in the Neo Frontier Launchpad. StackOS intends to distribute the equivalent $50 STACK token grants on June 23, 2021.

Neo nodes deployed on StackOS can be used by developers to deploy or invoke smart contracts. The StackOS platform offers Neo Frontier Launchpad participants a decentralized hosting environment for any containerized off-chain dApp components. StackOS has released a guide for deploying applications to help individuals use the platform.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: