Neo SPCC has released NeoGo v0.101.2, a bug fix update to correct a MainNet state incompatibility relative to the reference Neo implementation. After updating, NeoGo nodes will need to be resynchronized in order to return to correct operation.

The state difference between NeoGo and NeoCLI was detected as a result of a cross-chain O3 Swap transaction, where the Go node was seeing two additional transfers completed. An O3 Labs developer provided assistance and source code access to demonstrate the expected behavior, helping the team track down the issue.

It was determined that the extra transfers resulted from incorrect state rollback handling in NeoGo, specifically in the case where a cross-contract call is made without a try block.

Other minor improvements in the release include a bug fix for Any-type handling in RPC invocations and documentation improvements for the notary service. This is expected to be the final NeoGo update until the Neo v3.6 release.

The latest release can be downloaded at the link below: