General Updates

Poly Network suspended its cross-chain services following an attack on the bridging protocol. Neo, Flamingo Finance, and O3 Labs have all suspended any cross-chain services that use the architecture. Investigations into the attack are ongoing, though Neo has advised that all user funds on the Neo blockchain are safe.

Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for May 2023, which noted partnerships with Alchemy Pay and KaratDAO, on-chain activity for the month, the conclusion of the Neo ChatGPT content competition, development updates, and media coverage.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams joined the Crypto Coin Show to discuss Neo N3, the OneBand non-fungible item, the real-world value that phygital items can offer, and more.

O3 Labs hosted Meme2Earn, Flamingo, BlockchainCuties, and NNT on a Twitter Spaces to talk about DeFi, memes, GameFi, and NFTs in the Neo ecosystem. In the AMA, participants discussed their various projects, building in the Neo ecosystem and the different roles each project has, upcoming features for each platform, and more.

Unlocking the Chain released a new video that offers an overview of the GhostMarket multi-chain NFT marketplace. The video discusses the blockchains supported by GhostMarket, trading and minting NFTs, the GFUND single-sided staking index-like fund, and more.

GhostMarket hosted a Twitter Spaces with NNT editor Dylan Grabowski to discuss the recent OneBand non-fungible item activation at Tribeca Film Festival, new DeFi projects launching in the Neo ecosystem, the Smart Economy Podcast, new GrantShares proposals, and forthcoming events.

GrantShares proposal Audit funding for Battle Hardened Smart Contracts was put forth for discussion. Also, the Pixudi team updated a former proposal and submitted Pixudi with NeoFS integration. Milestone 1: Launching collection & the game with NEO. (updated) for discussion.

Flamingo hosted a community Lagoon, a public forum AMA where the project’s leaders talk about developments from the previous month. Topics of discussion included the Web3 Berlin event and onboarding new users into the DeFi platform, the team’s philosophy behind slower development cycles, the differences between hacks and exploits, and items on the short-term roadmap. Additionally, Flamingo released statistics on the top tokens traded by volume, with approximately US $20.86 million in FLM, $15.86 million in bNEO, and $5.58 million in fWBTC.

Meme2Earn hosted a fireplace community AMA to talk about the development of its meme-based platform, the latest meme campaign, the next steps for Meme2Earn, and more. Additionally, Meme2Earn airdropped approximately 3.15 billion tokens to 317 participants who had gained eligibility by participating in the first week of the recently launched Minima blockchain meme campaign.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.101.2, a bug fix update to correct a MainNet state incompatibility relative to the reference Neo implementation. The state difference between NeoGo and NeoCLI was detected as a result of a cross-chain O3 Swap transaction, where the Go node saw two additional transfers completed. An O3 Labs developer provided assistance and source code access to demonstrate the expected behavior, helping the team track down the issue. After updating, NeoGo nodes must be resynchronized to return to the correct operation.

COZ launched a public Discord server to connect users of the developer community’s various products. Additionally, COZ noted its Essential Suite and Props Twitter accounts will be deactivated, and all associated content will be published on the Official COZ Twitter account moving forward.