NeoSPCC has released significant updates for three core NeoFS components. The updates center on enhancing functionality, improving compatibility with the latest Neo N3 Cockatrice hardfork, and streamlining the developer experience.

NeoFS node v0.42.0

This update introduces new storage list commands to the neofs-lens tool, making it easier for developers to manage and navigate storage resources. Enhancements also include improved status messaging from the SN API Server and a fix for the GETRANGE request issue, ensuring more reliable data retrieval. Additionally, by moving IR contracts deployment code to the contracts repository and updating dependencies, the update simplifies maintenance and future development. Neofs-node v0.42.0 is the first release to be compatible with the Cockatrice hard fork.

NeoFS SDK for Go v1.0.0 (RC12)

The newest release candidate for the NeoFS Go SDK comes with several protocol updates and minor API changes, maintaining backward compatibility while introducing valuable features. This update adds numeric matches for SEARCH queries and EACLs, a new split object scheme, and support for verified node domains. Fixes for event counting and error handling are intended to further enhance the SDK’s reliability and performance.

NeoFS Rest Gateway v0.9.0

The REST gateway is a foundational tool for integrating applications with NeoFS, and the new update brings key improvements to enhance its capabilities. With the addition of proper ZTLS server support, a DefaultTimestamp configuration, and new upload and download APIs, developers can expect more secure and efficient data handling. The update also reorganizes config parameters for better clarity and usability, which users of v0.8.3 should be aware of on upgrade.