In this episode of The Smart Economy Podcast, host Dylan Grabowski is joined by Meg Lister, General Manager of Grants Labs at Gitcoin, a platform that has helped to disseminate grant funding to more than 4,000 projects within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss the catalytic effect of transparent funding mechanisms
  • Analyze the success rates in grant funding
  • Unpack the evolution of Gitcoin and the emergence of 2.0
  • Delve into the balance between centralized and decentralized processes in Gitcoin
  • Unpack quadratic funding and the role of community contributions in Gitcoin
  • Shine a light on Meg’s perspective on finding a career aligned with personal missions
  • And much more!

Meg Lister is the General Manager of Grants Labs at Gitcoin, where she spearheads initiatives aimed to revolutionize grant funding through the use of blockchain technology. With a background in philosophy and environmental studies, Meg transitioned from a traditional tech career to the crypto industry, driven by a desire for transparency and equity in funding mechanisms. Meg’s work emphasizes community-driven solutions and strategic use of open-source resources to foster a more just and accountable global ecosystem. Beyond her role at Gitcoin, Meg contributes to the broader crypto community through mentorship initiatives and as a key participant in industry discussions on policy and innovation at local and global levels.

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