Meme2Earn, a meme platform for earning NEP-17 TIPS tokens, has partnered with Out of Context Human Race on a meme campaign that will run for three weeks. The top 100 meme submissions will share from a prize pool equivalent to US $2,500 in TIPS tokens. Additionally, the Meme2Earn team is conducting a bonus airdrop of 2 trillion TIPS tokens, which will be split among all active accounts that meet the prerequisite criteria.

Out of Context Human Race is an account on the X social media application with more than 4 million followers. At the time of press, the announcement post on their X account has garnered more than 71,500 views.

Competition Rules

Users must satisfy four requirements to participate in the Out of Context Human Race meme contest. First, follow both the Out of Context Human Race and Meme2Earn X accounts. Second, create any number of memes and post them in the Out of Context Human Race [CONTEST] category before 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on June 25. Third, post a link to the memes on X with the following text:

Check out this #meme I created for the @meme2earn_com x @nocontexthumans meme contest where there’s $2,500 in prizes!



#memecontest $TIPS #giveaway #memearmy #crypto #memes #earnmoneyonline $NEO #web3

Fourth, return to the meme posted on Meme2Earn’s platform and link to the X post in the comment section to prove it was shared on X.

Reward Structure

The top 100 memes by upvote will share a prize pool of TIPS tokens that are equivalent to $2,500 in value. The 1st through 15th place memes will be judged on quality and originality, the number of X followers the submitter has, the number of upvotes the submission receives, and by Meme2Earn OG NFT holder vote.

Meme2Earn Hired Gun and OG NFT holders will also receive a multiplier on meme upvotes. A multiplier of 1.3x upvotes will be applicable for OG NFTs and 1.15x upvotes for Hired Gun NFTs. The rewards will be distributed accordingly:

  • 1st Place: $175.00 in TIPS
  • 2nd Place: $165.00 in TIPS
  • 3rd Place: $155.00 in TIPS
  • 4th Place: $145.00 in TIPS
  • 5th Place: $135.00 in TIPS
  • 6th Place: $125.00 in TIPS
  • 7th Place: $115.00 in TIPS
  • 8th Place: $110.00 in TIPS
  • 9th Place: $95.00 in TIPS
  • 10th Place: $90.00 in TIPS
  • 11th Place: $85.00 in TIPS
  • 12th Place: $80.00 in TIPS
  • 13th Place: $75.00 in TIPS
  • 14th Place: $70.00 in TIPS
  • 15th Place: $55.00 in TIPS
  • 16th - 100th Place: $5.00 in TIPS each

Bonus TIPS tokens will be airdropped to users at some point on Wednesday, June 12. To qualify for the bonus airdrop, participants must complete one task on the Meme2Earn platform and claim TIPS tokens at least once before 1:00 p.m. on June 12.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: