Neo SPCC has released the first public version of its NeoFS REST Gateway, providing a new method for developers to interact with NeoFS. The REST Gateway can connect to a NeoFS node to serve as a bridge between dApps and NeoFS.

The NeoFS REST Gateway is designed with web development in mind. Unlike the HTTP Gateway, which is designed for speed and high loads, the REST Gateway provides a more developer friendly experience. It follows the Open API 2.0 specification and handles data exchange with JSON, improving readability for requests and responses.

Another notable advantage of the new gateway is its inclusion of WalletConnect, a recent addition to the NeoFS API. This integration will make WalletConnect the de facto signing mechanism for web applications that integrate with NeoFS via the REST Gateway.

The team also published a video demoing the upcoming Panel.NeoFS web application, which makes it easy for users to manage their NeoFS accounts from a browser.

The demo showcases some of the REST Gateway’s capabilities, including container creation, object upload, object retrieval, and access list customization. Each action that required authorization was signed for using an account loaded in COZ’s WalletConnect Test wallet, Aero.

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