General Updates

Neo Global Development embarked on the first week of its Decoding Web3 USA Campus Tour, visiting with students and blockchain clubs at Yale, Boston College, MIT, Harvard, and at a Neo workshop with students from NYU, Columbia, Fordham, Cornell, and Parsons.

NGD released its technical development report for Aug. 2022, which noted core development improvement, the release of Neo v3.4, the GrantShares platform surpassing US $100,000 in grant allocations, and more.

GrantShares proposal *Updated* Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 1 of 3) was approved, and the funding request was executed, while the Neo Blockchain Club at Uganda Christian University proposal expired after remaining unendorsed.

NudesToken is hosting a new community meme contest focused on the Quantum Resistant Ledger blockchain. Contest winners will share from a pool of roughly US $5,250 in rewards, with the contest running from 10:00 a.m. (UTC) Tuesday, Oct. 11 through 10:00 a.m. on Oct. 25. The NudesToken team also released statistics about the meme-to-earn platform, noting increased memes created and total users.

Ilex announced it is launching its Poleman Avatar NFT series on the Mega Oasis NFT marketplace at 11:00 a.m. on Oct. 12.

Neo Colorado is hosting a community meetup in Los Angeles, CA, on Wed., Oct. 19. The informal meetup will host community members from NGD, COZ, NNT, SOMNIUMWAVE, Forthewin Network, and more.

GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste joined the Phantasma Chain podcast to talk about his background and journey into the crypto space, how the team chooses new chains to implement into the NFT marketplace, enhanced features on NFTs, and much more.

Forthewin Network launched the bNEO/TTM liquidity pool on the Double Farm module.

Nash launched its new referral program, which offers users 1% annual interest on the earnings balance of referrals.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released the first public version of its NeoFS REST Gateway, providing a new method for developers to interact with NeoFS. The REST Gateway can connect to a NeoFS node to serve as a bridge between dApps and NeoFS. It is designed with web development in mind. Unlike the HTTP Gateway, designed for speed and high loads, the REST Gateway provides a more developer-friendly experience. Another notable advantage of the new gateway is its inclusion of WalletConnect, making it the de facto signing mechanism for web applications that integrate with NeoFS via the REST Gateway.

NEXT updated the Chrome, Android, and iOS versions of its NeoLine wallet with support for NeoNS domains, making it the first N3 wallet to use NeoNS for domain to address resolution. The integration makes it possible for users to send and receive assets using their domain names or subdomains instead of an N3 public address.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released an article introducing AfricaN3, the Nigeria-based community inspired by Neo’s potential to help solve local issues. The community was founded by Neo ecosystem members employed in various industries, including the legal, medical, design, and programming fields. AfricaN3 believes it can bring people together to help solve local issues, such as providing blockchain-based incentives for those who donate blood and tokenizing real estate assets. AfricaN3 has also released Neo Wordle, a game where participants solve word puzzles to earn GAS rewards. The team is seeking funding via GrantShares to help enable AfricaN3 to serve as an incubator and portal for onboarding talent.

NNT released episode 16 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Joshua McDougall, President of Slow Ninja. Slow Ninja is a gaming studio that has been building blockchain-based games on various networks since 2014. Discussion topics include McDougall’s journey developing across blockchains, the philosophy of building fun games and how they can unknowingly onboard new users to Web3, building a gaming protocol that integrates the composability of other dApps in the Cosmos ecosystem, and more.


Oct. 12: Neo University Tour – University of Michigan.
Oct. 13: Neo University Tour – Northwestern University.
Oct. 14: Neo University Tour – University of Illinois – Champaign.
Oct. 17: Neo University Tour – University of California – Los Angeles.
Oct. 18: Neo University Tour – University of Southern California.
Oct. 19: Neo meetup in Los Angeles, CA.
Oct. 20: Neo University Tour – University of California – San Diego.
Oct. 24: Neo University Tour – University of California – Berkeley.
Oct. 25: Neo University Tour – Stanford.
Nov. 9: John deVadoss to join COSM 2022 panel – Can Crypto Be a National Currency?

Token Listings

bNEO/TTM liquidity pool has been listed on Forthewin Network.