Neo SPCC has released NeoGo v0.99.4, bringing developer experience improvements aimed at those using it to build or test smart contracts. The update gives the VM CLI access to blockchain state data, including historic states, and new commands for inspecting storage and events.

Other new features in the update include address conversion helpers for smart contracts, manifest compliance checking for notifications, and an interop helper that makes it possible to call a contract of a specific version. This can be used to add a layer of security by causing a fault if the target contract has been updated unexpectedly. 

Node runners with the EnableCORSWorkaround setting on will find support for pre-flight CORS requests in the RpcServer, though use of this setting is not recommended by the team. Neo SPCC also committed assorted improvements to the CLI, compiler, and documentation as part of this release.

NeoGo v0.99.4 is a minor update that remains compatible with Neo v3.4.0. Updating to this version does not require resynchronization.

The full changelog may be read at the following link: