The Ilex POLEMAN profile picture NFT series became available on the Mega Oasis NFT marketplace at 11:00 a.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, Oct. 12. This is the fourth NFT series to be sold through Mega Oasis. Each POLEMAN PFP costs 6 NEO, and each Neo N3 wallet can mint a maximum of three NFTs.

The POLEMAN PFP series will have a total of 9,999 profile picture NFTs, of which the first 2,000 will be minted on the Neo blockchain. The NFTs will also launch on other blockchain networks, and will have the capability to move across chains.

Source: Ilex NFT

In addition to the PFP NFTs that will be available for purchase, Ilex is airdropping POLEMAN NFTs to owners of the Genesis Collection NFTs. The Ilex Genesis NFT sale concluded in August, comprising 46 NFTs sold at a cost of between 36 and 266 NEO each. The airdrop for Genesis NFT holders will be distributed accordingly:

  • THE POLE BLOCK: 1 POLEMAN NFT and one Ilex VIP Gallery: Luxury Level NFT
  • META POLEMAN: 1 POLEMAN NFT and one Ilex VIP Gallery: Legend Level NFT

The Ilex VIP Gallery will be a limited-access virtual 3D gallery that allows users to display their Ilex NFTs. Looking forward, the team intends to release more information about the VIP Gallery.

More information about the Ilex PFP Series release can be found at the link below: