The Ilex Genesis NFT sale will open on the Mega Oasis marketplace at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Aug. 17. Additionally, Mega Oasis is rewarding users from a pool of 200 GAS for using its new Guarantee feature, which launched on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Ilex Genesis NFTs

The Ilex Genesis collection will be the third NFT series to be sold through Mega Oasis. It is composed of 16 Genesis NFT designs which grant the owners an exclusive copyright share with the Ilex team. In the long run, Ilex seeks to establish a digital catalog of fashion items, create real-world wearable items, and potentially integrate a DAO. The team plans to share future cash flows from co-branding, exhibitions, and royalties related to the series.

46 Genesis NFTs will be available and priced accordingly:

  • GENE of POLE, 25 NFTs at 36 NEO each (Five designs, five of each)
  • THE POLE BLOCK, 15 NFTs at 106 NEO each (Five designs, three of each)
  • META POLEMAN, 6 NFTs at 266 NEO each (Six designs, one of each)


The Ilex collection features uniquely themed figures that integrate poles with the letter ‘-x’. A further 2,000 Poleman Avatar NFTs will be minted on the Neo blockchain and sold as Mega Oasis series IV.

New Guarantee Feature

Mega Oasis’ new Guarantee feature allows users to make offers on NFTs using bNEO deposited into a smart contract through the My Offers section. Bids will remain open until the user cancels or withdraws the balance. If the entire balance is withdrawn, any open offers on NFTs will be automatically canceled.

Mega Oasis is giving away 200 GAS to users for testing the new feature. To qualify for the GAS rewards, users must create a profile with a valid email address, perform a Twitter verification, follow Mega Oasis’ Twitter account, and join the Discord server. Finally, users must make at least one new offer on an NFT through the marketplace.

The top 10 most active participants will each earn 5 GAS, and 50 users will randomly receive 3 GAS each. The snapshot for the winners will be taken at 2:00 a.m. (UTC) on Aug. 15.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: