John Wang, Neo Global Development’s head of Ecosystem Growth, will join the HashPalette Twitter Space to discuss trends in Web3. The hour-long event will take place on the official HashPalette Twitter account, beginning at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Users who follow HashPalette, post questions in the announcement thread, retweet the announcement, and join the Twitter Space are eligible to earn PLT token rewards. One thousand PLT will be shared among users with the top five questions, and 1,000 PLT tokens will be split between 10 random users who retweet the announcement.

About HashPalette

HashPalette, the result of a joint venture between the public Japanese firm Link-U and blockchain specialists HashPort, is a Japanese-based NFT platform centered around digital content such as manga, animation, sports, and music. It is powered by the Palette blockchain, responsible for issuing, managing, and distributing NFTs. Palette’s key feature is its implementation of cross-chain technology, and Neo was one of the first blockchains integrated into the platform.

HashPalette’s IEO was the first ever to occur in Japan. The Neo Foundation is also a member of the Palette Consortium, a group of entities that will operate Palette blockchain consensus nodes.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: