NEO SPCC recently submitted an abstract to GolangConf, outlining details for a proposed presentation to give at GolangConf on the use of Go Assembler to accelerate hashing code used by its decentralized storage platform, NeoFS. The report, which has been accepted by the conference committee, will be presented by NEO SPCC developer Evgeny Stratonikov.

GolangConf is known as the main Russian conference for the Go programming language, covering all forms of Go development including web services, cloud-native applications, back-end architecture, security and so on.

In addition, NEO SPCC also shared its June conference activities with NEO News Today. The group attended multiple events in Russia, including research work presentations at WECONF 2019, the hackathon “Digital Breakthrough,” and participation in the St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

GolangConf Presentation

Stratonikov’s submission to GolangConf focuses on the use of Go Assembler to speed up important elements of the NeoFS storage platform. In the thesis, Stratonikov noted the use of homomorphic hashing to control the integrity and availability of data, which is computationally demanding.

The algorithms used by NeoFS need to be able to process data at the same rate as the read speed of a cheap hard drive, leading them to the use of Go Assembler to speed up data processing. In the presentation, Stratonikov will outline the step by step process that attendees will be able to follow in order to accelerate their own code using Go Assembler.

GolangConf 2019 will be held on October 7th at the Infospace event hall in Moscow. Registration opens at 9:00 AM local time, and the conference will last one day.

June Event Activities


On June 3rd, NEO SPCC technical director Anatoly Bogatyrev attended WECONF 2019 (Wave Electronics and Infocommunication Systems) at the St Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. At the conference, Bogatyrev presented two research works.

The first, titled “The Model and Interaction Efficiency of Computer Nodes based on Transfer Reservation in Multipath Routing,” analyzes the effect of redundancy and fragmentation of transmissions on the average wait time and probability of timely service in a computer network with multipath routing.

The presentation posits the optimal fragmentation and redundancy of transmitted packets when these transmissions are time critical.

In the second work, titled “Multipath Redundant Transmission with Packet Segmentation,” the ability to further increase the efficiency of redundant service requests is explored, using a sequence of nodes organized into a multi-level network.

“Digital Breakthrough” Hackathon

The “Digital Breakthrough” hackathon held its St Petersburg stage on June 8th and 9th at the St Petersburg Technopark, a partner of NEO SPCC. The hackathon offered a 10,000,000 RUR prize fund for the 20 best teams that created prototype solutions in one of the following fields: healthcare, transportation and logistics, smart city, Russian Arctic and its exploration, or housing and communal services.

Over 30,000 participants applied to the hackathon, which will hold stages in 40 different Russian cities. The hackathon is sponsored by Russian corporations, including, RosAtom, and Megafon.

Day two of the Digital Breakthrough Hackathon in St Petersburg

NEO SPCC team members Sergei Liubich, managing partner, Anatoly Bogatyrev, technical director, and Anastasia Prasolova, software engineer, participated in the hackathon as experts and judges for 500 participating teams, out of a total 6000 applications received in May.

Under the advisory of NEO SPCC, 5-man team “Baazaa” implemented a smart logistics prototype for healthcare equipment between producer and client on the NEO blockchain. The team won first place for the Healthcare category, and will go to Moscow for the final stage of the Digital Breakthrough Hackathon 2019.

SPIEF 2019

Finally, NEO SPCC administrative director Maksim Vinter participated in the largest Russian business event, the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2019.

During a round table focused on the Russian digital economy, Vinter presented NEO SPCC’s plan to join the data storage market.