NeoWorld has opened the second land zone of NEOLAND, following the pre-auction of 900 available land parcels for players, alongside an in-game tax rebate program tied to a player referral system.

NeoWorld is a Second Life-esque virtual world with regions linked with different blockchains. The NEOLAND region now has two zones available, both of which using NEO as the native currency.

Second Territory Rules

The creators of NeoWorld have provided a comprehensive rule overview for the second territory, providing important information for players. For example, transportation instructions have been issued that show players how to move from NeoWorld to NEOLAND, or between the two NEOLAND territories.

The second territory is also equipped with an independent mining pool, with an initial quantity of 4000 NEO set aside from players to earn. Following the land pre-auction, the value of this pool has increased to 5364.78 NEO, which is released as the island is developed.

Materials and NRO (NEOLAND Rare Ore) are able to be circulated between both NEOLAND territories, though doing so with materials carries a tax of 0.02 NEO per 100 materials, in addition to a transportation fee that is set by the owner of the wharf.

Rebate Program

NeoWorld has also launched a rebate program that allows players to refer friends to the game in order to receive rebates on various types of in-game tax, including land transaction, building construction, and material exchange taxes.

The event runs from July 26th to October 26th, and requires players to provide friends with exclusive links. If an invited player completes any auctions that charge a tax, the inviter will receive a rebate.

Instructions for acquiring a unique referral link are provided in the original article. New players are recommended to consult the official FAQ page, or the NeoWorld manual for more detailed information.