NEO TestNet consensus node host, Swisscom, launched Seraph ID, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution built on the NEO blockchain. Seraph ID seeks to provide a decentralized identity system for contracts and users in the NEO ecosystem. Seraph ID aims to place users in full control of their data and allows dApps to verify specific information (such as if the user is over the age of 18 or has subscribed to a particular service) without giving them data to store that could be potentially lost in a breach.

NEO officially launched phase two of the EcoBoost Initiative which will focus on supporting entities that are building products in the NEO ecosystem. Phase two will provide full life-cycle support by supporting seed-stage projects, early-stage developer teams, and infrastructure projects. Through the EcoBoost program, NGD will offer various forms of assistance, including financial support, technological aid, as well as marketing cooperation.

NGD also announced that more than 50 institutions were enlisted in phase one across six different categories. The first phase of the NEO EcoBoost program centered around partner recruitment, which attracted more than 200 applications. The 50 projects were divided into six categories which outline the type of support that the partners will offer: liquidity, wallets, media, channels, community, and security.

NGD launched its weekly live Telegram series “NEO LIVE” on Thursday, July 25th with Travala as a featured guest. NEO LIVE is an AMA style event, with ecosystem projects Guardian Circle, Switcheo, and Cobo to participate in future episodes. NEO LIVE takes place at 8:00 pm (UTC +8) on Thursdays, with the next events to be held on August 1st, August 8th, and August 15th.

NGD hosted a NEO LIVE event in Chinese, where NEL and FutureDAO founder Liu Yongxin delivered a speech entitled “The Next Hotspot of DeFi: DAICO.” At the event, Liu discussed the background of DAICO, and its future development goals.

NGD head of EG development, John Wang, delivered a speech at the Coin Time Summit in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Following the event, NEO Powers up held a community meetup in Vietnam, with Wang and head of NGD marketing, Gao Yuan. At the meetup, Yao and Wang shared NEO development goals and progress on NEO3. More than 60 local community members attended the event.

NNT Catch Up

Nash Exchange co-founder Fabio Canesin was interviewed by Tech Funnel, where he discussed Nash’s integrated financial platform and several key services that it offers.

Hacker Noon launched its first annual tech industry awards event, The Noonies. The event aims to bring attention to projects and people working in technology, with award winners directed by users’ votes. Among the many nominees are a handful of NEO ecosystem entities, spread across five different awards: Blockchain of the Year, Best Blockchain, Best AMA, Most Exciting Startup, and Social Network of the Year. The NEO-oriented entities nominated for the awards mentioned above include the NEO blockchain itself, Erik Zhang, Narrative, and TranslateMe.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released an article highlighting the second version of its non-custodial exchange platform, NELswap. NELswap offers a “simple and intuitive user interface” that utilizes the Teemo Chrome wallet extension (recently updated to v1.2.2).

COZ released version 2.3.0 of the Neon Wallet for the NEO blockchain, which went live on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019. Upgrades of note include offline signing and the addition of NEO News Today’s RSS feed.


July 22nd, Narrative released a guide on redeeming NRVE rewards from its content platform. The guide walks users through a step-by-step process, and answers additional questions regarding delays, taxes, and security.

July 22nd, Switcheo released an article outlining the theory behind hyper-deflationary cryptocurrencies. With deflationary tokens, the total supply decreases over time through measures such as burning a small percentage of tokens for each transaction.

July 22nd, NeoWorld released a weekly report highlighting progress on platform development, marketing efforts, and community growth statistics.

July 23rd, Endorsit released its weekly report, which highlights progress on the development of its iOS, Android, and web platform. Endorsit has also merged its pre-existing communities and distributed members to the following three communities: digital currency market group, topic group, and private group.

July 23rd, Jarvis+ released its first bi-weekly report for July, which highlighted development progress on its WeChat bot, and partnerships established.

July 23rd, OnTrade, a cryptocurrency exchange billing itself as “the world’s innovative exchange,” launched trading markets for NEO futures contracts. The NEO futures markets include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly contracts.

July 24th, O3 Labs released version 3.0 of its desktop wallet, which includes enhanced Coinbase integration, offering secure management of users’ Coinbase accounts through the O3 Wallet. The “O3 Swap” service has also been updated to allow direct, one-button exchange of NEO-USDC, NEO-BTC, and NEO-ETH.

July 24th, Splyse, the team behind Hash Puppies, released a puppy redemption minigame on the nOS platform. RHT tokens, initially airdropped in January 2018, can now be exchanged for HPT, each of which is a non-fungible token that represents a unique HashPuppy on the NEO blockchain.

July 24th, Magic Cube released a bi-weekly update, which highlighted airdrop campaigns, listing on Coinsuper Exchange, participation in a NEO NEXT course, and the launch of a staking partnership.

July 25th, Novem announced its public token sale is planned to begin on Thursday, August 15th, 2019. During this time, users will be able to purchase NVM tokens using NEO and GAS, at €0.65 per token.

July 25th, Switcheo released the first part in its Switcheo Discovery series about the inner workings of the non-custodial exchange. The article offers an overview of the Switcheo matching engine, making an order, and order matching.

July 25th, Narrative announced the winners of its community art contest.

July 26th, TranslateMe announced it is seeking individuals interested in beta testing its proof of work mining algorithm.

July 27th, Nash Exchange hosted its Quarterly Event to highlight progress achieved in Q2 of 2019. At the event, the non-custodial exchange announced its planned launch date of August 23rd.

July 28th, QLC Chain announced more than 500k QGAS has been mined and released via staking. Additionally, QGAS IOU trading has concluded on BitAsset; users can no longer trade QGAS on the exchange.


MCC listed on CoinMarketCap.

NEO listed on OnTrade.

QGAS delisted from BitAsset.


July 30th: NEO Colorado meet and greet – Boulder, US.

August 1st: NEO LIVE with Guardian Circle – Telegram.

August 8th: NEO LIVE with Switcheo – Telegram.

August 15th: NEO LIVE with Cobo – Telegram.