Splyse, the development team behind HashPuppies, has released a puppy redemption minigame on nOS. RHT tokens, initially airdropped in January 2018, can now be exchanged for HPT, each of which is a non-fungible token that represents a unique HashPuppy on the NEO blockchain.

The nOS platform is a virtual operating system that aims to facilitate the deployment of dApps to blockchain, and allows users to discover and access new apps. As the launch is exclusive to nOS, the client must be downloaded and used to access the puppy redemption process:

“Splyse is committed to using nOS as the primary platform for HashPuppies, since it provides the best user experience, supporting 3D WebGL games along with seamless integration with the Neo blockchain.”

RHT Redemption Minigame

A redemption guide has been published on the HashPuppies website, outlining the steps that users may follow to trade RHT (redeemable HashPuppy token) for an individual puppy at a 1:1 ratio. These steps are outlined below:

  1. Open the nOS client and login with an account or NEO address that has an RHT balance
  2. Head into the nOS App Store and locate the “RHT Redemption Minigame” in the Games section
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem tokens in the 3D claw machine, found in the adoption center
  4. Head outside and watch your puppies play, or interact with them by clicking

The nOS client may be downloaded from the nOS website located here. Once inside the client, the game can also be accessed directly at the following URL: https://nos.hashpuppi.es/

HashPuppies Gameplay

HashPuppies is a 3D interactive crypto-collectible game that issues unique virtual puppies in the form of non-fungible tokens on the NEO blockchain. Each puppy has its own genetic code that defines its appearance and personality. These traits can be inherited through a breeding process, which also includes the possibility for mutations that allow the creation of new traits.

Following the release of the full HashPuppies game, it is planned for players to be able to raise, train, and play with their HashPuppy. According to the team, it will also be possible to compete by participating in shows, where players will aim to win awards with their puppies.

Future development

According to Splyse co-founder Joe Stewart, the next step in game development is the creation of a reverse auction contract. The contract will be responsible for allowing the direct purchase of specific puppies, with payments accepted in MCT.

Readers that wish to keep up with the development progress can visit the HashPuppies progress tracker, which updates weekly.