NEO Global Development (NGD) has announced the launch of the second phase of the NEO EcoBoost program. The first phase of the NEO EcoBoost program centered around partner recruitment, which attracted more than 200 applications.

Partners from phase one can expect to receive support from NGD and will be leveraged to help provide their resources to NEO ecosystem projects.

After reviewing applications from phase one, NGD partnered with 50 projects, divided into six categories which outline the type of support that the partners will offer: liquidity, wallets, media, channels, community, and security.

Liquidity Partners

Wallet Partners

neo ecoboost phase one wallet partners

Media Partners

neo ecoboost phase one media partners

Channel Partners

Community Partners

Security Partners

Phase Two

The second phase of the EcoBoost program will focus on entities that are building products in the NEO ecosystem. NGD has indicated that the scope of support offered in this phase is determinate by a project’s stage of development and current needs.

NGD also notes that the second phase seeks to build on existing community structures in the NEO ecosystem. Support in the second phase of the EcoBoost program is intended to “incentivize developers with existing products, and encourage projects to seed even better projects.”

Phase two will focus on providing full life-cycle support by supporting seed-stage projects, early-stage developer teams, and infrastructure projects. Through the EcoBoost program, NGD will offer various forms of assistance, including financial support, technological aid, as well as marketing cooperation.

The announcement of the phase two launch of the EcoBoost program can be found below: