On July 16th, Hacker Noon launched its first annual tech industry awards event, The Noonies. The event aims to bring attention projects and people working in technology, with award winners directed by users’ votes.

Among the many nominees are a handful of NEO ecosystem entities, spread across five different awards: Blockchain of the Year, Best Blockchain, Best AMA, Most Exciting Startup, and Social Network of the Year.

The NEO-oriented entities nominated for the aforementioned awards include the NEO blockchain itself, Erik Zhang, Narrative, and TranslateMe.

Voting ends August 16th, with winners tentatively scheduled for announcement on August 20th.

Hacker Noon and The Noonies

Hacker Noon is an independent technology media site launched in 2016. The site aims to “deliver an independent tech blog with honest and unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals.” The website has grown to become ranked near the top 5,000 websites, has over 7,000 contributing writers, and experiences over 13 million visits each month. More recently, Hacker Noon has embraced cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by taking a seemingly neutral stance on the topics.

Hacker Noon’s first annual The Noonies awards is self-described as being “where everything’s democratic and your votes are the only things that matter.” In total, 50 awards span three categories: general technology (19), crypto/blockchain (20), and software development (11). Readers can vote for one nominee per award.

NEO ecosystem nominations

NEO – Blockchain of the Year & Best Blockchain Awards

NEO is in the running for both Blockchain of the Year and Best Blockchain awards alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Monero, and ZCash. At the time of publication, each award has 344 and 109 total votes while NEO is ranked number #5 and #4, respectively. 

Erik Zhang – Best AMA (ask-me-anything) Award

On July 1st Erik Zhang, NEO founder and core developer, participated in an AMA hosted by Hacker Noon which resulted in his nomination for the Best AMA (ask-me-anything) Award. At the time of publication, the award had 99 total votes cast across 12 nominees with Erik Zhang ranked #6.

Narrative – Most Exciting Startup & Social Network of the Year Awards

Narrative, which brands itself as “the world’s public journal,” has been nominated for the Most Exciting Startup and Social Network of the Year awards. At the time of publication, Narrative ranks #6 of 25 and #2 of 20 with each award receiving total votes cast of 13,012 and 3,328, respectively. 

TranslateMe – Most Exciting Startup Award

TranslateMe, a translation service utilizing the NEO blockchain and machine learning, has been nominated for the Most Exciting Startup award and is ranked #14 at the time of press.

Below is the link to The Noonies page where readers can vote on all 50 awards: