Neo Tracker is shutting down its Legacy and N3 blockchain explorers and web wallets. The N3 products will sunset before the end of the week, and the Legacy explorer and wallet on March 22, 2022.

Users of the Neo Tracker web wallets will still be able to access their NEP-5 (Legacy) or NEP-11/NEP-17 (N3) assets via other Neo wallets. However, users who have not already stored a copy of their wallet information should do so before the website is taken down. Offering a grace period, the Neo Tracker team intends to provide users with the ability to view and download their private access information for an undefined period following the March 22 sunset.

Once the user has saved their wallet information, they can access the Neo Legacy or N3 assets through another Neo ecosystem wallet by importing the private key, or encrypted key and password into the new wallet client.

Those with questions are encouraged to reach out to the Neo Tracker team through itsĀ Twitter account. The team noted users should expect 48 to 72 hours for a response.

About Neo Tracker

Neo Tracker was among the first Neo blockchain explorers and web wallets, and has been in the Neo ecosystem since 2017. Founder Alex DiCarlo was a participant on the Neo Community Initiative panel at the first Neo DevCon in San Francisco, CA.

Neo Tracker was also the subject of one of the first Neo-oriented meetups that took place in 2018 in the Seattle, WA area, where participants were encouraged to discuss the blockchain and its development tools.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: