Neodius, a new iOS application for monitoring NEO cold wallets has been announced by a community developer today on Reddit. Neodius is currently going through the AppStore approval process, which can take anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Neodius features include –

  • Multi-wallet
  • View your amount of NEO
  • View your GAS
  • View your unclaimed GAS
  • View NEO value in BTC/ETH
  • View NEO value in 30+ fiat currencies (View currencies)
  • Automatic refreshing of your wallet. Fun for real-time stats
  • Securing Neodius with a passcode or TouchID
  • Quick address lookup
  • Quick transaction lookup
  • QR-Code for your address
  • Switch between MainNet and TestNet
  • Localization in
    — Dutch
    — English
  • View market information on GAS and NEO
    — Bid/ask prices
    — Current market (cap, volume, position)
    — Changes (1h, 24h, 7d)
    — Gauge showing current position on 24h trading view
  • Scanning QR-Codes to add a wallet
  • GAS Calculation from a wallet or a user decided amount

For those with a Mac and Xcode who don’t want to wait for Neodius to be available on the AppStore, you can install the application directly onto your phone using the instructions provided here –

Screenshots can be found below, and the Reddit announcement can be viewed at the following link –