A few weeks ago we shared a Steemit article on Twitter by a developer from the community who was working on a Swift-SDK, detailing his experience building a light wallet. Today the fruits of those efforts have been revealed in another Steemit article, with the announcement of the O3 (pronounced “Ozone”) iOS wallet.

O3 will be the first NEO wallet available on the iOS platform. It embraces a hot and cold wallet design philosophy, allowing the user to store the hot wallet private key on the device for every day access, whilst providing the ability to monitor cold wallets in a read only capacity. This gives the user full visibility of all their NEO assets, and minimises the risk that carrying an entire portfolio on a single device entails. Sending transactions and viewing private keys will both require the user to be authenticated by TouchID or PIN code.

Previews of the O3 show the app following the new iOS 11 design guidelines and a clean, stock app like UI. The developer plans to support additional assets and tokens that are added to the NEO ecosystem.

O3 intends to release the beta version in around a week’s time and is looking for NEO investors who are interested in participating in beta testing. If this is you, you can register your interest at https://o3.network.

O3 is open source. Developers are encouraged to audit the code, which can be found at https://github.com/CityOfZion/neo-swift.

You can read the full Steemit article discussing all the O3 features at this link – https://steemit.com/neo/@saltyskip/introducing-the-o3-wallet