The NEO Council have today released their September Monthly Report. The Monthly Reports are a round up of all the developments, news and events from within the NEO Council the previous month. Events featuring highly in the September report.

NEO hosted or took part in five notable events in their continued efforts to grow the development community. These included INNOxNEO nights 3 & 4 where Liu Jianqi and Tan Yuan presented on how to write C# smart contracts, and R&D Manager Malcolm Lerider and Community Operations Manager Fred Huang spoke about the progress being made in the community abroad.

NEO also hosted a community meet up at the Drei Kronen Brauhaus. As the venue was in close proximity to the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit which was held in Shanghai, many blockchain enthusiasts were able to attend and network with other NEO fans and council members in a casual setting. One community member produced this interview with Da Hongfei at the event.

Another exciting event was the INNOx Austrade Blockchain Seminar, to which NEO had been invited. This event provided NEO the opportunity to present to a delegation from Australia who were on a fact finding mission to further their goal of being a leader in blockchain adoption.

The final event in September was the Blockchain Workshop in Hangzhou held in collaboration with Microsoft Azure. Tan Yuan again presented on smart contract development and led a full day workshop for 30 developers at start up hub Tech Temple.

Other accomplishments and work completed outlined in the report include –

  • Availability of official website to apply for and issue assets on TestNet
  • Documentation of GAS fees
  • NEP-5 Token issuance documentation (Completed and in review)
  • Website development (UI and back end changes in progress)
  • Extensive testing on voting and governance in preparation to decentralize consensus nodes
  • Testing of private key encryption and decryption (NEP-2)
  • Drafting of bounty program to reward community members who identify vulnerabilities and bugs in the source code.
  • Addition of new team member, Celia, who has 12 years experience in technical writing in the IT field
  • Supporting Microsoft technical staff with preparing smart contracts
  • Helping RPX with contract testing and released feature-rpx-manager

You can read the full report on the NEO website here –