NEO is hosting an event on September 24th for developers in the Hangzhou area who are interested in learning more about blockchain development. Information on the event can be found below.

NEO invites Hangzhou-based developers to the Programming Day Event!

NEO, as a “smart economy” enabler, is a distributed network where assets are digitalized through blockchain technology with their own digital identities and automatically managed based on smart contract. NEO project was officially initiated in 2014. In June, 2015, it began to open source real-time in Github. Github address

Blockchain technology as a fundamental underlying trust protocol that is being widely applied to various fields is secure, transparent, tamper-proof and decentralized. You may wonder where exactly can we apply blockchain and how should developers innovate?

To provide a sound learning platform for blockchain technophiles, NEO plans to hold off-line blockchain programming training sessions for developers in the tech community who take an interest in the blockchain from time to time in the hope of bringing interested developers to the world of blockchain development. NEO core developers and other developers will design entry-level courses customized to every participant and provide counseling throughout the courses, expecting to improve developers’ programming skills in the blockchain field.

Event info:

Time: 10:00 Sept. 24, 2017 (sign-in) – 17:00
Venue: Bulding No. 15, Jianhua Industry Park, No.1, Shangning Lane, Hangzhou (Tech Temple)
Participants: NEO core developers, developers, blockchain technophiles, C# develpers and other interested people.
Form: Workshop that enables developers to be involved and get hands-on experience.

Please note:

– Participants need to bring their own laptops;
– Participants need to register on Microsoft Azure beforehand as they are required to use it during the event. Register with “1 yuan”;
– In order to save time during the event, participants are required to configure software programming environment beforehand. You may download “preparation guideline” here.



10:00-10:30 Sign in (30min)
10:30-12:00 Training session (90min) Keynote Speaker: Tan Yuan, a NEO developer Contents:

1. How to code NEO smart contract with C#
2. Explanations on smart contract API
3. How to deploy and call smart contracts
4. Smart contract case study and practice

12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-17:00 Coding practice (breaks in-between sessions)

—-Tan Yuan will provide counseling throughout the day

Organizer: NEO
Co-Organizer: Tech Temple

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This is the second Programming Day that NEO has held. Videos from the first event will be uploaded to NEO’s youtube channel soon with english subtitles. Stay tuned for more uploads from such events.