Da Hongfei was a guest on the Unchained podcast, hosted by Laura Shin, senior editor at Forbes, alongside Patrick Dai from QTUM.

The main topic of discussion was the recent events in China and the potential impact they will have on cryptocurrencies and blockchain development. Patrick and Da shed some light on how crazy the ICO scene was getting in China, along with insight into what the response has been within the country.

One notable takeaway is that both Da and Patrick believe that the ICO ban and the closing of centralised cryptocurrency exchanges are not temporary. They do note however, that private fundraising is still legal and that they believe exchanges are already making plans to open up in other countries with coin to coin trading pairs.

When discussing the future of their respective projects, Patrick mentions that QTUM is shifting it’s focus away from China and over to countries like US, Korea and Russia. Da also mentions that NEO’s focus is global, but goes on to say that he believes that it’s inevitable that governments are going to want to regulate cryptocurrencies. Da says that he thinks privacy and anti-censorship coins are ‘not the trend’ for the next few years and that digital identity implementation will be necessary to keep projects compliant within current legal systems. To this end, NEO are drafting a ‘global legal framework’ for smart contracts running on NEO so that token sales can be executed legally in most major countries.

The hour long discussion can be downloaded from iTunes at this link – https://itunes.apple.com/nl/podcast/unchained-big-ideas-from-worlds-blockchain-cryptocurrency/id1123922160?l=en&mt=2&i=1000392428042

If you would prefer to listen through the browser, the podcast can be streamed here – http://unchained.forbes.libsynpro.com