Red Pulse announced on Slack today that the RPX token sale has been rescheduled for October 8th at 0900 EDT / 1300 GMT / 2100 HKT. The sale details remain the same as initially planned, with one notable exception regarding the NEO wallet required for participation. 

Red Pulse had previously released instructions on how to participate by sending NEO from the Neon wallet, whilst also informing users on Twitter than any wallet found on would be suitable. Individuals must now use a new version of the NEO-GUI wallet that is being developed by NEO. An announcement will be made when the wallet is available for download and instructional video will be released.

The full Red Pulse statement can be found below –


Red Pulse will be launching the RPX sale on Sunday, October 8 at 0900 EDT / 1300 GMT / 2100 HKT. The sale will be conducted in Hong Kong SAR and by RP Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited (#2255299). The sale is not open to citizens of the United States, Mainland China, or Singapore. Our KYC whitelist form is already closed, and we are not accepting any new submissions at this time.

As announced previously, we have added to our RPX sale smart contract a one hour window at the beginning of the sale that limits each contributor to a cap of USD 1,000, with only one transfer allowed per person. Multiple transfers, and transfers greater than USD 1,000 worth of NEO tokens will be refunded.

Following this one hour window, the RPX sale will continue with a higher USD 50,000 cap, as planned previously. In this period, participants will also be limited to one transfer. Note that a contributor may thus contribute once during the one hour window, and subsequently contribute a second time after this one hour period. The total max contribution for a single person is thus USD 51,000 worth of NEO tokens. Contributions received during the RPX sale will not be accepted if any information is missing, or if the NEO wallet address does not match what you submitted. Individuals that need to update their NEO wallet address can email with their old NEO wallet address, new NEO wallet address, first name, last name, email address, country of citizenship, and passport scan.

Only KYC whitelist validated people may participate in the RPX sale. The KYC whitelist form is already closed. We are in the process of conducting KYC validation on the submitted forms, and will notify individuals within the next 2 weeks on whether their submission was accepted or rejected. We have hired a team of Hong Kong advisors from a “Big Four” accounting and advisory firm, as well as outside legal counsel, to advise us on our entire RPX sale process, and to ensure we are fully compliant with laws in Hong Kong SAR.

To participate in the RPX sale, individuals must use a new version of the NEO – GUI wallet developed by the official NEO Project team. The wallet will be released soon, and we will make another announcement when it is ready for download. Until then, you may keep your NEO tokens in any of the wallets listed at the website. However, to participate in the RPX sale, you must use the forthcoming new version of the NEO – GUI wallet. We will create a how-to video on how to transfer from your wallet to new NEO – GUI wallet and the RPX sale participation process in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of Red Pulse and our RPX sale.

Best regards, Jonathan Ha Founder & CEO, Red Pulse