NeoSPCC has released version 0.105.0 of NeoGo, bringing an array of developer-focused updates and bug fixes. This update focuses on improving the RPC infrastructure and the command-line interface utility, including the introduction of a new mechanism for awaiting transaction responses.

A major enhancement in this update is the improvement of RPC websocket notifications. Developers can now subscribe to receive block headers in addition to previously supported streams such as added blocks, transaction executions, contract notifications, and notary requests.

The command-line interface has been upgraded with an --await option. This new feature allows developers to wait for transaction results after sending a command, streamlining the development process and reducing the time spent on transaction monitoring.

The update also includes support for contract-based accounts in both the wallet and neotest packages for transaction signing. This enhancement broadens the scope of functionalities and testing capabilities available to developers, facilitating more diverse and complex application development scenarios.

A critical bug fix in this release addresses a consensus panic issue, ensuring more stable and reliable network operations.

Node operators do not need to re-synchronize their nodes on update to take advantage of the latest improvements. The full release notes may be found at the following link: