magipop, a DAO formed around the concept of community co-creation, clinched the grand prize victory in the AI, Social & DAO category of the recent Neo APAC Hackathon. With its victory, the team walked away with the category’s $10,000 award, among other prizes. 

The magipop team is driven to be on the leading edge of the “Passion Economy,” an emerging marketplace centered on creators who are motivated by love for their craft rather than the pursuit of fame or financial gain. Some estimates project that the Passion Economy will be responsible for up to 85% of new job creation by the year 2030.


Founded in mid-2022, magipop’s team, distributed across China, the US, and the UK, first united during a collaborative experiment, where about 100 creators co-authored a science fiction novel. 

This achievement not only highlighted the immense potential and efficiency of collective creative efforts, it also brought the magipop team closer together. Founder Race Li explained, “Over a short span of three months, we completed the entire process from creation to publication, gaining recognition from top domestic publishers and renowned authors. This collaborative endeavor solidified the bond of our founding team.”

The platform’s first initiative, “Bubble Observer,” encapsulates this spirit of collaboration. It comprises 20 parallel stories, all penned by magipop’s core team. Li expressed his enthusiasm for the platform’s underlying philosophy and the driving force behind it:  “We believe that we are entering a new era where traditional models of content creation driven by commercial motivations and sheer volume will be overshadowed by what we call the ‘Economy of Meaning’.”

Tech behind co-creation

magipop’s website currently features a “Playground,” where creators can showcase their artwork and leverage AI tools to generate new creations. Looking ahead, the team is developing “Forge,” a dedicated module for co-creation. This platform is set to include an AI content generation system and a multi-user gamified experience, encouraging collaborative creativity in various domains like visual art, games, and fiction.

For example, say a writer wants to contribute to a piece of narrative fiction being created on Forge. The writer contributes their idea, and the AI then connects the idea into the overall high-level “visual map” of the story. The “Creathon” system within Forge then allows staked community members to upvote / downvote the contribution, ultimately determining its level of inclusion in the final narrative.

Li further explains: “We also believe that technologies like blockchain and AI, particularly those based on large language models, can be harnessed to track, evaluate, and reward creativity at an idea and semantic level. Our product, magipop Forge, is poised to cater to this burgeoning community by providing transparent, efficient, and collaborative creation and co-creation platforms, all empowered by the latest in AI and Web3 technologies.”

Building on Neo

With some of the founding team members having used Neo previously, the team jumped at the chance to participate in the APAC hackathon. Veterans of the hackathon circuit, Li praised the Neo event’s organization and the support from the Neo development team. 

“We believe that Neo’s tight-knit team will continue to make positive contributions to the web3 world,” he said. “We look forward to continuously contributing to the Neo ecosystem.”

Li also noted that the introduction of Neo’s EVM-compatible side-chain opened new avenues for development, offering a more seamless and robust experience for their Forge product.

With a TestNet launch tentatively planned for Q1 2024, magipop’s roadmap is ambitious and future-focused. With its innovative platform and strategic alignment with the Neo blockchain’s capabilities, magipop is determined to revolutionize the way creative endeavors are pursued, shared, and valued in the digital realm. As magipop continues to develop and expand, the team is committed to nurturing a vibrant community of creators, united by their desire for a new way to collaborate.

To connect with magipop, visit the team’s Forge website at the following link: