MELK DAO has delivered a NEO Trail on MelkBot, its learn-to-earn education bot, following GrantShares funding approval in June 2023. The team was awarded 6,670 GAS, valued at approximately US $15,000 at the time, with four GrantShares members voting in favor of the proposal.

MelkBot, standing for “Meaningful Experiences for Learning and Knowledge,” is an interactive Discord bot for learning about Web3. The tool offers a hands-on approach to understanding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, rewarding users with MELK tokens for completing tasks and introducing them to digital assets without monetary investment. In addition to the NEO Trail, MELK DAO also provides educational trails for Polygon and Solana.

Overview of Missions

The NEO Trail, aimed at newcomers to the Neo ecosystem, comprises a series of five missions providing practical experience with the Neo blockchain. The missions are as follows:

  • Mission 1: Users are tasked with creating a wallet for the NEO blockchain, using NeoLine. Verification is accomplished by submitting the wallet’s public address to the bot in the mission’s Discord channel.
  • Mission 2: This mission focuses on understanding wallet information, requiring users to report the balance of MELK tokens in their wallet.
  • Mission 3: Dedicated to learning about blockchain transactions, users must provide the transaction hash from the rewards received in the first mission.
  • Mission 4: This mission educates about Neo’s governance and its dual token model. Participants are asked to find and submit a transaction hash associated with a NEO or GAS transaction.
  • Mission 5: The final mission involves learning to sign a message with NeoLine, culminating in the creation of a username on GhostMarket.

Completing a MELK DAO mission

Users are rewarded with MELK tokens on the TestNet for completing each mission. MELK DAO noted in its original GrantShares proposal that it plans to expand missions and introduce video resources following delivery of the initial phase of the bot.

MELK DAO offers an installation manual to facilitate the integration of MelkBot on Discord servers. Missions are accessible in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

More information on the NEO Trail can be found at the link below: