Version 0.0.6 of the Neon wallet has been released and is compatible for use in the upcoming Red Pulse ICO. It can be downloaded from the City of Zion Neon GitHub at this link –

Windows, Mac and Linux versions are available.

Neon 0.0.6 has been tested and approved by Red Pulse who have also compiled a guide on how to set up and use the wallet to participate in the ICO. The guide can be found here –

Previously, the NEO-GUI was the only wallet option for investors looking to participate in the RPX token sale. Red Pulse recommends that any user who has already set up the NEO-GUI without any issues should continue to use it.

City of Zion worked around the clock to release Neon 0.0.6 in time for the Red Pulse ICO, and it will also be compatible with future crowd sales that follow a similar token standard.