NeoResearch, a NEO development community based in Brazil, has announced a new competition where participants may submit statistical reports focused on different areas of the NEO blockchain. Registration is open between the 3rd – 28th December, with a deadline of March 15th 2019 for submissions. Participants can register for the competition here.

Competition submissions may focus on any aspect of NEO, but the following topics are encouraged:

  • Statistics about the Neo-VM, opcode executions;
  • Statistics about node syncing times;
  • Detailed information about consensus times and bottlenecks;
  • Statistics about mempool data sharing, as well as other p2p messages;
  • Statistics related NEO blockchain storage data;
  • Statistics regarding the usage of smart contracts

Participants are encouraged to use platforms such as NeoCompiler Eco, neo-local and NEO-ONE to assist with any testing and analysis processes. NeoResearch also suggests the use of the neo-tests repository, which allows modifications to be made to NEO clients.

The three best reports will be awarded with 250, 100 and 50 NEO respectively. Up to 20 submissions containing concise information will be awarded a minimum of 10 NEO. Separate prizes may also be awarded to outstanding works at the discretion of NeoResearch and NGD. Prizes will be awarded at the beginning of May, 2019.