DeepBrain Chain has published its 31st progress report covering the period of November 11th to December 4th. The report focused on the work the team has made towards development and the numerous events attended during the reporting period.

In the announcement, DeepBrain Chain reminded readers of its free trial program for new users of its AI Training Net. The AI Training Net allows petitioners to train their AI algorithms using DeepBrain Chain’s distributed network.

The benefits of the trial are claimed to be two-fold: first, new users get to see the results of their research real-time, as well as generating additional traffic that can enhance the network as a whole.

The free trial will run from November 21st to December 31st. Interested users can learn more about the trial at this link.


The DeepBrain Chain team attended numerous events to spread awareness of its platform and to discuss topics that relate to AI and blockchain.

Nvidia Technology Conference

DeepBrain Chain attended the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference 2018 in China. As an annual event, the conference is claimed to bring together renowned experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

While attending the conference, the team was able to demonstrate the capacity of its AI Training Network and claims to have stood out as a “particularly impressive use-case for the application of GPU power and raised a lot of interest in the network among experts and investors.”

Beyond Blocks Bitfish AI Meetup

Another significant event that DeepBrain Chain attended was the Beyond Blocks Bitfish AI Meetup that was held on November 28th in Bangkok, Thailand. The event was centered around the discussion of AI and blockchain integration.

This time DeepBrain Chain took a different line of promoting its ecosystem by giving an in-depth look at its DECO (decentralized ecosystem with DeepToken Exchange). A focus of discussion was the ways in which the ecosystem can support both incubators (DECO) as well as incubated projects (for instance VNX, an incubated AI application by DECO).

The Beyond Blocks Bitfish AI Meetup is claimed to have received a lot of media attention from local and global media outlets, including some prominent online publications.

DeepBrain Chain & ZMINE

Finally, DeepBrain Chain CEO Feng He met up with the ZMINE, which is claimed to be Thailand’s largest cryptocurrency operation. The talk built on the discussions that were held earlier this year to explore potential cooperation between the two companies.

Development & Technology

A list of updates were also included for the work of DeepBrain Chain’s research and development team, including some improvements to its “Skynet Project.” Announced in July, the Skynet Project was launched to help recruit AI computing power to fuel its distributed network for AI learning and applications, with a maximum of 1,000 machines initially being selected as testing nodes.

Participants in the Skynet Project are entitled to receive numerous benefits, such as priority in becoming a MainNet node, extra points in consensus node elections and the ability to use computing power from the network at no cost.

A summary of the usage statistics for Project Skynet were included in the report that can be seen below:

“Number of GPUs: 112

The cumulative number of times AI users rent computing power from miners: 287

The cumulative number of AI training tasks performed: 531

Project Development Data on Github: 29 developers

DeepBrainChain dev branch, cumulative submission of 692 commits.

DeepBrainChain dev branch, a total of 38 releases.”

A summary of the improvements made to Project Skynet and the core DeepBrain Chain platform can be read here.

Concluding the report, the DeepBrain Chain team reminded readers of its Global Ambassador program that is currently accepting new members. Members can sign up to become a Global Ambassador to display their creativity and understanding of the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem and be eligible for rewards.

For more information and to sign up to the program, readers can sign up here.