Neo SPCC has released an RC3-compatible version of NeoGo, a node, SDK, and compiler written in Go. Changes chiefly focus on core protocol alignment, but also notably include new compiler and CLI improvements.

NeoGo’s latest update for N3 gives users access to all the same new functionality found in the core client. Additions include support for the new Base58Check encode/decode methods in the StdLib and get account state in the Neo Token native contract.

In the CLI, developers will be able to benefit from instructions on how to perform unvotes and custom witness scope declarations when making invocations. Those running v0.95.0 nodes will need to resynchronize the N3 blockchain in order to ensure correct state root data and access to the new native contract methods.

The new update also includes improvements for local variable handling in the compiler, and bug fixes across the RPC service, VM CLI, and NNS contract.

The latest NeoGo version can be downloaded at the following link: