Neo has released the N3 RC3 node version and pushed it live to the N3 TestNet. The N3 TestNet was upgraded to RC3 on May 30 by Neo Global Development. Users looking to run nodes can grab the latest version here.

The new build includes a number of fixes and optimizations since the previous iteration, alongside a couple of new features. Most notably, developers can find the new Base58Check encode and decode methods in the StdLib native contract. Suggested by COZ developer Joe Stewart, these tools allow easy conversion between script hashes and public addresses at the contract level.

In the command line, users will find a more explicit unvote function and a new method to fetch a target account’s vote choice and NEO balance.

Changes to the devpack and VM mostly focus on alignment with the core, but a few bug fixes and small optimizations also made it into the release. As the core developers tackle the final stages of N3’s development, NGD is working to complete its port of NeoFS logic from NeoGo to the core C# node.

The original announcement can be read at the following link: