NeoSPCC has released a minor update to NeoGo, bringing enhancements for zero-knowledge proof development and node configuration.

NeoGo v0.103.0, compatible with Neo v3.6.0, introduces the zkpbinding API, streamlining the creation of zero-knowledge proof verification contracts and the formatting of proofs. Accompanying this update is a detailed example to assist developers.

Node configuration has been simplified through setting deprecations and the ability to execute arbitrary scripts at genesis, useful for setting node roles and network policies. These protocol extensions are exclusive to NeoGo networks, meaning they don’t apply to public networks like MainNet or TestNet.

The update necessitates a full blockchain resynchronization due to modifications in how transaction conflict records are stored, aimed at preventing storage pollution.

Other updates include deprecated features in old RPC and WebSocket clients, dependency upgrades, and the inclusion of hard fork configurations in the getversion RPC response.

The release also fixes various bugs, including a race condition in validator caching, a panic in NeoFS oracle requests, wildcard trust field deserialization issues in smart contract manifests, and compatibility problems with the FindStorage client API and the Neo C# RPC server.

The full changelog may be read at the link below: