Pixudi is launching its NFT board racing game on Nov. 11. Partially funded by the GrantShares DAO, the game will leverage Neo blockchain technology for payments, NFT minting, and storage via NeoFS. Upon launch, players will be able to access a profile, achievements, and leaderboard page, as well as start a multiplayer game for anyone to join.

As part of the gameplay, players roll dice to progress and compete, collect treasures, and complete missions across multiple game boards featuring unique mechanics and mini-games. Pixudi will offer collectible items, such as characters and pets, which can be traded among users. The profile page lets users view characters, pets, and other inventory by blockchain wallet.

Source: Pixudi

Once live, players will be able to create a game and set the number of players, entry fee, map, and game style (i.e., party or versus mode). Players will also be able to play mini-games to win in-game currency, and spin a wheel of fortune for weekly drawings.

Currently, players can mint “Whitelist Cards” that can be exchanged for a Mystery Pack or purchase a Rare and Legendary pack for a 50% discount. Each Whitelist card carries a fixed fiat value of US $6.39, which can be bought with NEO or GAS.

Pixudi also aims to incentivize Whitelist Card holders – the more held in a wallet, the more bonuses the user will receive when claiming the pack’s contents. For example, a wallet with five whitelist cards will get a bonus Mystery Pack, in addition to many more options.

Adopting a free-to-play model, Pixudi will be available via web and on the Nintendo Switch. With plans for a cross-chain ecosystem and its own marketplace (aka Flea Market), the team intends to release the web version first, then a Switch version.

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