Neo has commenced a campaign to name its new EVM-compatible sidechain, currently under development. The contest stands not just as a call for creative expression but also a reflection of Neo’s drive for community engagement. With an anticipation to unveil the sidechain’s TestNet by year’s end, Neo is turning to its user base to etch a name that resonates with its Smart Economy vision, sweetening the deal with a $20,000 prize pool for active contributors.

Campaign structure and rewards

The campaign started Nov. 6, and will unfurl in three distinct phases, wrapping up at the end of the month.

Phase 1: Unleash Your Creativity (Nov. 6 — Nov. 15)
Envisioned as a brainstorming rally, this phase encourages community members to conjure up innovative names, complemented by stories, visuals, or even videos, through a Google Form submission. The more a name reflects Neo’s ecosystem ideals, the greater its chance of being shortlisted for the community vote. Additionally, in this phase, advocators who spread the word and engage the community will be eligible for a part of the $2,000 rewards set aside to appreciate their promotional efforts.

Phase 2: Your Vote Matters (Nov. 17 — Nov. 27)
Neo Global Development will distill submissions to the top 20 contenders, to be featured on a voting platform, where the community’s voice will elevate the top 5 names. Voters and advocators alike will share a $4,000 reward pool, details of which are forthcoming via Neo’s Twitter feed.

Phase 3: The Ultimate Decision (Nov. 27 — Nov. 30)
A panel of judges from the Neo Foundation, NGD, and the Neo community will deliberate to select the final name, crowning the “Master Creator” with a $10,000 prize, while four “Honorable Creators” will receive $1,000 each.

Judging criteria 

Judgment will hinge on a defined set of criteria, including relevance to the sidechain’s functionalities, uniqueness within the blockchain landscape, memorability, ease of pronunciation and spelling, scalability potential, brand cohesion with Neo, and legal availability for trademark and domain use.

The full announcement can be read at the following link:

Participants can use the following form to submit entries: