NewEconoLabs (NEL) has released its second bi-weekly development report for May. The report focuses on NEL’s current main projects, including the implementation of a DEX for NEO Name Service (NNS) and further work on the Teemo extension wallet.

The first bi-weekly report for May can be viewed here.

NEO Name Service

Following on from previous work noted in the first May report, NEL has continued development of its NNS DEX v2. The DEX will allow users to purchase or sell NEO domain names in a decentralized manner. Work on the DEX has been divided into three main areas for implementation: the DEX contract, web frontend, and backend API.

The data format for purchases and sales has been modified in the contract, including the use of transaction IDs as the primary key for information storage. NEL noted that it had fixed bugs in the contract, including one that prevented deposits from being refunded after the domain name expires.

Various methods that call the contract have now been implemented, allowing users to top-up or claim from their contract balance, the ability to open or close purchase and selling orders, and transfer functionality for domain names that have been sold.

NEL also reported that the frontend of the DEX has been 85% completed, and expects it to be fully complete within two weeks. Various page modules have been implemented, including the search function, purchase/selling markets, transaction history, open order, and owned domain name sections.

Finally, the team also noted the development of a laundry list of functions that comprise the backend API. These include various query and operation functions related to exchange features and the management of domain names.

Teemo Extension Wallet

NEL recently pushed version v1.2.1 of the Teemo wallet to the official website and Chrome web store, including several dAPI improvements and additional user settings noted in the previous bi-weekly report.

The most notable changes are to the wallet’s user interface, with the page style and content display both being adjusted. The transfer page has also been updated with a cancel function, which will return the user to the asset list interface.

Three bugs were also fixed, one that caused a blank display on the asset page, and another that could cause a white screen when opening the wallet interface. The third issue was an exception caused during the GAS claim process, which has been successfully debugged.

The Teemo wallet can be easily added to Chrome via the web store.

NEO Protocol

NEL also noted a further contribution to the NEO protocol, including a proposed improvement for NEO 2.x’s transaction size fee calculation. Due to the use of the UTXO model, NEL notes that it is inconvenient to construct legitimate transactions using a byte-based fee model. The team requested the use of kilobyte-based charging to rectify this issue and has submitted the code as a pull request.