The China-based NEO development community NEXT has released its monthly progress report for April, noting the ongoing development of applications such as the NEOLine wallet and the conclusion of its dApp competition.

Extension wallet and browser

The NEXT team continued work on its latest project, NEOLine, a NEO extension wallet for Chrome. Followings its launch last week, the wallet has been released on the Chrome store and includes all typical wallet functionality in addition to a dAPI for dApp developers.

The NEOLine wallet may be downloaded from the Chrome store here, and the documentation for its JavaScript library may be found here.

NEXT also made changes to the Blolys blockchain explorer, including improvements to the query statements and user experiences. Services have been transferred to new servers, optimized to provide timely access to data. Blolys was also updated to include NEO TestNet support.

Endorsit and The Token

Endorsit, a decentralized content ecosystem, is reported to be entering a new iteration of product development, designated 2.0. NEXT reports that in addition to changes to functionality, the UI has been overhauled to bring it in line with user preferences and expectations.

The team also noted improvements to The Token, an identity-focused dApp that manages personal data such as resumes. Updates have focused on the message protocol and image upload features, alongside refactoring efforts aimed at improving the application’s performance.

dApp Competition

NEXT launched its “NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge” on December 21st, 2018, which recently concluded after four months. 23 teams are reported to have participated, with 10 projects awarded a finalist prize of 2,000 CNY.

Six teams received unique awards as follows:

The ‘Best dApp’ award (10,000 CNY) was awarded to Liegames, a NEO-based battle card game that follows a rock-paper-scissors format.

The ‘Best Creative’ award (6,000 CNY) was awarded to ENDING, a dApp that allows users to submit challenges for completion, which can then be attempted by placing a deposit. For users that don’t want to attempt challenges themselves, they can instead observe challenges as supervisors, allowing them to be rewarded for helping to motivate and encourage the challengers.

The ‘Most Commercial Value’ award (6,000 CNY) was awarded to Candy Party, an investment game dApp that allows players to purchase and plant candy trees to grow different tokens in their candy gardens. Periodically the token market is updated, with players seeking to acquire the most valuable tokens through trade, growth, or by stealing them from other gardens.

The ‘Best Visual’ award (4,000 CNY) was awarded to Digital Painting Puzzle, where blockchain technology is used to protect copyright and track the value of user-created puzzle paintings. Players can sell the paintings or let players attempt to beat the puzzle.

The ‘Technical Effect’ award (4,000 CNY) was awarded to NEOLine, a Chrome extension wallet for the NEO blockchain with an included JavaScript dAPI for easy developer access.

The ‘Most Popular’ award (2,000 CNY) was awarded to NEO Real Raffle, a lottery game that uses smart contracts to determine rules and ensure that results and prize issuance are not be tampered with.

Full details on the dApp competition finalists may be found here.

Other Activities

NEXT community founder Wang Yuefeng attended and presented at the NEO JOY 2019 conference in Beijing, where he outlined NEXT’s approach to designing useful, user-friendly applications that provide a trustless and transparent experience for users.

The group also traveled to several Universities in the Ningbo, Shanghai and Hangzhou regions of China, where it shared thoughts on blockchain technology and its applications.