Jarvis+, the decentralized conversation-as-a-service platform, maintained its schedule of weekly reports throughout April 2019. Included in the reports were development updates for its two chat application-based bots, the conclusion of a 10-day bounty program, and ongoing community activities.

Development updates

At this point, the Jarvis+ bounty bot solely operates in the Telegram application, and serves as an FAQ and to query functions.  Such functionality includes the ability to add a users wallet and e-mail information, access information about award tasks and referral awards, and language preference.

The bounty bot was recently stress-tested in the 10-day bounty program and at the time of press provides support for 6 languages, with planned support for Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, and Thai.

In April, the development team incorporated stability and interface improvements into its WeChat bot. The WeChat bot aims to serve the Chinese business market by reducing the complexity of onboarding new members into groups with more than 100 members. Alex Lee, Jarvis+ co-creator, says the “bot should help [standardize] administration processes” and offer support for multiple languages. Jarvis+ reports the bot is now able to “support multiple activities at the same time.”

In the 37th weekly report, Jarvis+ noted that developers had completed version 1.0 of the Management System.

Bounty program concludes

A 10-day bounty program concluded on April 28th. A prize pool of 200,000 JAR tokens is under distribution to participants who have submitted withdrawal requests. Per the Telegram chat, Jarvis+ states the withdrawal request submission bot shuts down at 11:59:59 pm (UTC) on Sunday, May 12th, and “withdrawal requests after [that] time will no longer be processed.”

For updates about rewards distribution, visit the Jarvis+ Global Telegram channel.

Daily community activities continue

In addition to the bounty program, Jarvis+ has maintained its daily check-in and quiz games.

In the “daily check-in” on Telegram, Jarvis posits a new question each day. Users who select the correct answer (out of four choices) receive three points. Those who answer incorrectly still receive one point. The points are redeemable for JAR tokens.

Users can also participate in quiz games and win JAR tokens for providing the right answers. Participants can initiate a quiz by typing “start.” If eight other players agree to play, then the quiz game commences. Each week 2,000 JAR is distributed to quiz game participants.

The group quiz and daily check-in games remain ongoing.