NEO Global Development has released version 2.10.1 of its node client neo-cli. The update includes several performance enhancements and bug fixes discovered during the testing of the previous version.

Improvements and Fixes

Although v2.10.0 included dBFT 2.0 with improvements to prevent block forks, testing revealed the changes could cause liveness to be impaired with stalls occurring under certain conditions. A series of changes were submitted and worked on by the NEO core development team, resulting in improvements for v2.10.1 designed to further increase the reliability of NEO’s consensus protocol.

NEO co-founder Erik Zhang also submitted changes designed to improve the performance of NeoVM, which is responsible for executing smart contracts. Improvements to the virtual machine reduce the computational overhead of operations on the network, helping to increase transaction throughput.

Zhang also provided a solution for a bug in the getblock and getblockhash RPC commands, which could produce a normal response instead of an error message if incorrect input parameters were used.

Added Functionality

The v2.10.1 release also included new commands and settings. The ability to close an open wallet was added, alongside a new RPC command that requests a list of plugins installed on the queried node.

This command was notable due to the increasing importance of plugins and the need for users to know which nodes have which plugins. As an example, the SimplePolicy plugin is required to ensure that an RPC node will not hold transactions in its mempool that are considered invalid by the network.

The full changelog for the release may be found here.