Switcheo, a decentralised exchange built on the NEO blockchain, has partnered with the Mauritius-based translation service TranslateMe to host a TME airdrop. The campaign will reward people who hold SWTH tokens between April 8th and 12th.

A total of 2,000,000 TMN tokens will be airdropped to users who hold at least 50,000 SWTH tokens, whether in a NEO wallet or in the Switcheo exchange contract. Each recipient will receive a maximum of 1,000 TMN.

Users must hold their SWTH tokens from 12:00pm SGT on April 8th to 12:00pm SGT on April 12th in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

TranslateMe announced the alpha release of its minimum viable product in December 2018. The platform aims to provide real-time translation for multiple languages alongside a rewards program. Users will have the ability to alter how the application translates phrases, and will receive TMN rewards for contributing updates to the vernacular.

Switcheo’s list of event terms and conditions can be read here.