TranslateMe, a Mauritius-based translation service using the NEO blockchain, has announced the alpha release of its minimum viable product, a web app for the Telegram messenger service offering real-time translation for multiple languages. The launch is accompanied by a rewards program, offering TMN tokens to users of the service.

Real-time Translation

The TranslateMe app offers users of Telegram chat groups the option of reading and replying to all of the messages in their native language. The alpha supports users speaking the Japanese, Russian, Chinese, French, and English languages. When a foreign speaker types their native language in a translation-enabled global chat group, their original message will appear in addition to an English translation.

A more comprehensive overview of the TranslateMe project is available in a NEO News Today interview with project founder Ryan Lloyd.

TMN Testing Bounty

TranslateMe is offering TMN rewards in order to recruit users to its platform. Additional users are beneficial to the TranslateMe project because its translation algorithms can learn from their corrections and speech. Lloyd has previously stated that “Chat is the best form of data” for machine learning because of its clear structure.

The signup process for the TranslateMe web app involves linking a NEO address with a Telegram account. Users will earn one TMN token for each message submitted to a TranslateMe-supported group, and one TMN token for each correction submitted to TranslateMe. A minimum of 20 TMN must be earned before rewards can be claimed.

Linked NEO wallets containing a balance of 1,000 TMN (available on the Switcheo exchange) will earn double TMN rewards for the life of the promotion. The top three users of each supported languages will earn 50,000 TMN each. Rewards will be capped at 1,000,000 TMN per supported language. According to TranslateMe, “payments will be made after all TMN is used and our tests have run their course.”

TranslateMe’s alpha announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: