April 1st, NEO Global Development (NGD) released its March 2019 monthly report. Highlights included NEO’s first GameCon which took place in Akhibara, Tokyo, and the release of neo-cli v2.10, which included numerous changes designed to increase the stability and performance of the NEO blockchain. 

April 4th, NGD hosted its first development workshop in Zürich, Switzerland. The workshop was taught by Dr. Guil. Sperb Machado, Neow3j project lead, and Steven Liu, an NGD software developer. The event had over 20 participants.

NNT Catch Up

NEO News Today spoke to several projects joining the NEO ecosystem to learn more about their purpose and reasons for choosing to build with NEO technologies. Projects included Archon, Barrel Protocol, Cruzeo, InnoDT, Novem, and Yezcoin, who all attended NEO DevCon.

Developer Groups

April 1st, NewEconoLabs (NEL) released a tutorial on its fast synchronization solution for the NEO blockchain. NEL uses a modified neo-cli client, dubbed neo-cli-nel, alongside a custom quick sync plugin to enable developers to synchronize their node instances in minutes rather than hours. NEL’s fast synchronization approach removes the data validation and classification steps, allowing data to be directly added or deleted in leveldb.

April 2nd, NEL released its second bi-weekly development report for March 2019, noting improvements to the dAPI standard and progress on the Teemo extension wallet. The report also detailed progress on the development of its NEO Name Service decentralized exchange contract and neo-cli contributions.

April 4th, NEL released version 1.0 of its open-source Teemo wallet. Teemo is designed as a “trustless extension wallet” that aims to connect dApps with their users without asking them to juggle multiple NEO wallets or trust their assets to an unknown wallet. Teemo has been designed as a Google Chrome browser extension.

April 5th, NEO Colorado and NEO-ONE announced a development workshop to be held on April 23rd in Denver, Colorado. The workshop, taught by Alex Fragapane of NEO-ONE, aims to educate attendees on how to develop a simple token contract using TypeScript.


April 1st, TranslateMe announced a treasure hunt bounty program to celebrate the upcoming release of its Android application. The treasure hunt is tentatively scheduled to begin on April 15th, and will involve the discovery of clues that provide access to a wallet that contains 100 NEO, 1,000,000 TMN and various other tokens from ecosystem projects. TranslateMe claims its Android application is nearly ready for initial release, which is slated to take place in early April 2019.

April 1st, Alchemint published its March progress report. Alchemint noted that the total amount of collateralized SNEO has decreased since February. However, due to NEO’s price increase, the total amount of SDUSD issued and the overall mortgage rate remained relatively unchanged.

April 1st, Travala released its third monthly report for 2019 which highlighted a number of growth metrics including website traffic, rooms booked, expanded listings, and more. In addition, the team noted a new booking partnership and launch of its SMART discount and loyalty program.

April 2nd, Narrative opened its beta platform to the public. Narrative aims to create “The World’s Journal,” a member-controlled content network with a revenue-sharing model powered by its NRVE token. Narrative allows the community to suggest, vet, own, and moderate content and subject areas, known as “niches.” Niches are the locations where users publish their content. Examples of niches include cryptocurrency, healthy recipes, politics, and football, among others. As of March 2019, owners had bought nearly 830 niches.

April 3rd, Switcheo released a token usage report for Q1 2019. Switcheo reports a total of 3,034,270 SWTH tokens were used for fees during the Q1 reporting period, which was a 276% increase from the previous quarter. In sum, 68.9% of the total eligible trades were paid using SWTH. Further, Switcheo announced a total of 5.65 million SWTH tokens have been locked in smart contracts or burnt via a null address.

April 4th, O3 released the v2.0.5 update of its desktop wallet application, which includes improvements to its account permission model. In the new version, the need for authentication has been pushed back until a signature is required to broadcast a transaction to the blockchain. O3 Labs cited use cases such as the NEO Economy app, which requires only read-only access to perform its portfolio analysis functionality.

April 4th, Bibox suspended trading of Alchemint‘s SDS token due to low trading volume. Deposits of SDS tokens have been disabled and users will need to withdraw their SDS tokens before May 3rd, 2019.

April 4th, Switcheo announced the addition of a NEX/SDUSD market for the Nash Exchange (NEX) token. Switcheo has prohibited the following regions from trading in its NEX markets: China, Singapore, Liechtenstein, and the United States of America, as well as those traders using a virtual private network (VPN).

April 4th, NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) released a report covering development progress made in Q1 2019. The report largely focuses on its distributed decentralized storage platform for the NEO blockchain, but also details other activities, publications, and contributions made by the team throughout January, February and March of 2019.

April 6th, Kucoin disabled trading of Trinity‘s TNC token due to low trading volume. Users with TNC assets on Kucoin will need to withdraw their TNC to a NEO wallet before July 6th, 2019.

April 7th, Switcheo reopened trading on Moonlight‘s LX token. Trading had been suspended due to a LX contract upgrade, however, the upgrade has been put on hold until more testing can be done. Markets reopened at 4:00pm SGT.

April 7th, Asura World published its Q1 2019 progress report. Asura World noted “slower than ideal development pace at the start of the year,” and outlined plans for its Community Centre, betting platform, ASA Network, and its updated roadmap.

Token Listings

NEX/SDUSD pairing on Switcheo


April 8th – 10th: NEO developer workshop – Zürich

April 20th: NEO JOY 2019 – Beijing

April 23rd: NEO Colorado workshop – Denver

April 27th: Nash Quarterly Report – London