O3 Labs has updated its desktop wallet application to v2.0.5, which includes improvements to its account permission model. O3 Labs states the advances allow “users to interact [with] dApps via the dAPI in a more fluid and secure manner.”

The dAPI is an open protocol designed to give dApps an easy way to connect with existing NEO wallets from within a browser. In previous versions, users were personally required to authenticate their accounts when a dApp requested to connect. According to O3 Labs, this requirement was an unnecessary step in the flow of using the dApp.

In the new version, the need for authentication has been pushed back until a signature is required to broadcast a transaction to the blockchain. O3 Labs cited use cases such as the NEO Economy app, which requires only read only access to perform its portfolio analysis functionality.

Watch addresses are now also allowed to connect with dApps through the O3 dAPI. O3 Labs claim this compatibility will enable users “more flexibility with how they can use dApps.”

Further, this feature was made available for Ledger wallet addresses, so users will not have to connect or unlock their device for O3 applications. However, Ledger account users will need to connect their devices and log into their accounts once to enable to new UX.

O3 Labs’ full article can be found at the following link: