TranslateMe recently announced a treasure hunt bounty program to celebrate the upcoming release of its Android application. The treasure hunt is tentatively scheduled to begin on April 15th. TranslateMe is a Mauritius-based real-time translation service for multiple languages that utilizes the NEO blockchain.

Co-founder Ryan Lloyd recently spoke with NEO News Today about the treasure hunt bounty and TranslateMe’s upcoming application launch.

Details about the bounty

The treasure hunt will involve the discovery of clues that will provide access to a wallet that contains 100 NEO and 1 million TMN tokens. Solving the clues will reveal portions of the bounty wallet’s 52-digit alphanumeric private key. By collecting all the clues, the private key can be re-created and the wallet unlocked.

The private key is to be divided into ten segments and distributed to participating NEO ecosystem partners. Projects that have agreed to participate in the treasure hunt include Moonlight,, Conjure Network, Travala, and Phantasma, among others. The participating partners will hide clues in their social media channels or websites.

Further, according to Lloyd, Moonlight will contribute 10,000 LX tokens, Travala is contributing 1,000 AVA tokens, and Phantasma is contributing 2,500 SOUL to the treasure hunt wallet.

To qualify for the rewards, participants must follow TranslateMe on Twitter, join and invite five individuals to the Telegram channel, and subscribe to r/TranslateMe.

Lloyd believes the event will take place over a ten-day timeframe.

In addition to the treasure hunt bounty, TranslateMe is also offering daily rewards for Twitter and Telegram participation. More details about the rewards can be found at the following link:

Android application

TranslateMe claims its Android application is nearly ready for initial release, which is slated to take place in early April 2019. Upon launch, the TranslateMe application will be available for download from Google Play store.

The Android app seeks to replicate the project’s MVP, the TranslateMe web application, which went live in December 2018.

The application will allow users to communicate in their native language and aims to seamlessly translate that to another language.

Before translation.

After translation.











Users will also have the ability to alter how the application translates phrases, and will receive TMN rewards for contributing updates to the vernacular.

More information about the treasure hunt can be found in the bounty thread on Bitcointalk: