NEO Global Development (NGD) Zürich is hosting its first developer workshop on Tuesday, April 4th in Zürich, SUI.  According to director of NGD Zürich, Lili Zhao, the goal is to host an ongoing series of workshops, tentatively scheduled to occur on the first Thursday of every month.

The purpose of the first workshop is to teach developers about digital assets in the NEO ecosystem. The workshop will be co-taught by Dr. Guil. Sperb Machado, Neow3j project lead, and Steven Liu, an NGD software developer.

NEO attended the POW’ER Annual Summit, which was a gathering of Chinese-based blockchain entities. At the event, NEO was awarded with the Most Influential Public Blockchain.

NGD announced NEO JOY 2019, a community conference that will take place from 1:00pm to 7:00pm on Saturday, April 20th, in Beijing, China. The event aims to discuss NEO blockchain games, and explore future trends of the blockchain gaming industry.

NNT Catch Up

O3 Labs took its first step in supporting non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the NEO ecosystem through the deployment of an NFT explorer, token foundry, and improvements to its dAPI. O3 users are now able to mint their own TestNet NFTs using animated images from Giphy and send them to a specified address.

Developer Groups

March 25th, NeoResearch released released an article, Understanding NEO Network in Five Pictures that discussed two protocols for relaying approved transactions, remote procedure call (RPC) and peer-to-peer (P2P). Each image in the article highlights how transactions move to consensus nodes and eventually confirms the block.

March 30th, NeoResearch released a second article, Talking about Witness and Trigger on NEO blockchain, which was written as a follow-up to the earlier release. This article delved into technical detail about double-spending avoidance, multi-signature processes, network fees, and NEP-5 token transfers.


March 25th, Switcheo launched its email and password login system, Switcheo Account. The Switcheo Account service was designed to allow newer users to interact and deposit funds on Switcheo as if it were a centralized exchange. Users who login with Switcheo Account can withdraw funds from the Switcheo smart contract to other exchanges or blockchain addresses.

March 25th, Switcheo announced the “restricted listing” of the Nash Exchange (NEX) token. The restricted listing prevents users in the following regions from trading the token: China, Singapore, Liechtenstein, and the United States of America. Further, Switcheo prohibits VPN users from trading NEX.

March 25th, For The Win (FTW) extended its integration with the nOS platform with the announcement of a weekly poker tournament on the nOS Poker app. FTW’s poker tournament is scheduled to run on Tuesdays at 7:00pm UTC.

March 26th, NEO Name Service (NNS) expanded its NNC utility token to blockchain gaming through a partnership with FishChain, a China-based mining and fish raising game. Users can purchase NNC fish and fishbowls in an upcoming auction; NNC is a NEO blockchain asset, while FishChain fish and fishbowls exist as ERC-721. There are plans to incorporate NEO and GAS with FishChain.

March 25th, O3 Labs announced the integration of the Alchemint stablecoin collateralization service into the Apps page of its O3 wallet on desktop and mobile. Through the O3 wallet, users can access Alchemint’s One-Click Mint page to collateralize NEO for SDUSD directly from their wallet.

March 26th, Nash Exchange announced the date and location of its next “Quarterly Report” event. Nash leadership will discuss its development work from the first quarter of 2019. The topic of the latest Nash presentation is “User Experience.” Further, the team will be on hand to share the results of Nash Exchange’s initial testing.

March 26th, Moonlight announced an upgrade to the smart contract that minted its Moonlight Lux (LX) token. The update is intended to address a recently discovered “low risk” security vulnerability in the contract. Unlike past token swaps conducted by NEO projects, LX token holders will not have to do anything to maintain custody of their funds. Nor is there an upcoming airdrop. Data from the older smart contract will migrate to the newly deployed smart contract.

March 26th, NEO was paired with stablecoins, PAX and USDC, on Binance. NEO now trades against the four primary stablecoins offered by Binance (Tether, TrueUSD, Paxos, and USD Coin), and becomes the fifteenth digital asset to do so on the exchange.

March 28th, Ryu Games rebranded from Ryu Coin and has migrated to the Ontology blockchain. Ryu Games CEO Ross Krasner stated, “The rebrand from Ryu Coin to Ryu Games takes the focus off of our coin and onto the games themselves.” The team switched blockchain platforms because of Ontology’s “quick block time” and Ryu Games’ ability to pay for fees on behalf of users.

March 28th, New Kind of Network (NKN) announced 95.5% of its NEP-5 NKN token circulating supply has been swapped for their ERC-20 replacements. Further, “the NEP-5 smart contract is now locked preventing any further token transfers or trades.” For users who were unable to convert their tokens, NKN plans to allow a seven-day window at the end of each month to trade the locked NEP-5 tokens.

March 29th, Narrative released highlights of progress in the weeks leading up to the launch of its beta platform, which is planned to occur at 12:00pm (UTC-4) on Tuesday, April 2nd. With 7,000 users just before its launch, Narrative states 828 niches have been purchased, and more than 700 posts are ready for publishing.

March 30th, Switcheo CEO and co-founder Ivan Poon sat down with NEO News Today’s Colin Closser to discuss the one year anniversary of Switcheo launching on NEO MainNet. The pair discussed Switcheo’s beginnings in the first COZ dApp competition, fundamental design of decentralized exchanges, and upcoming Switcheo products. The Switcheo team expects to launch the Switcheo Chain in Q2 2019, and aims to add EOS to the trading platform as early as April 2019.

March 30th, nOS launched its application store with MainNet applications that integrate (or plan to incorporate) with nOS API or nOS ID such as nOS Poker, Travala, Nash Exchange, and For The Win Lotto.

March 31st, Nash Exchange launched its community beta testing program in an effort to “catch outlying software glitches and gain valuable feedback on the first-hand experience” of using the platform. The team hopes to refine the user interface and provide an intuitive, seamless experience. There will be three iterations of the Community beta, each new version will incorporate improvements based on the previous round of testing. The testing phases will take place on the NEO and Ethereum TestNets.

Token Listings

NEO/PAX and NEO/USDC pairing on Binance.

Upcoming Events

April 2nd: NEO developer workshop – Vienna

April 4th: NEO developer workshop – Zürich

April 8th – 10th: NEO developer workshop – Zürich

April 20th: NEO Joy 2019 – Beijing

April 27th: Nash Quarterly Report – London