Neo Global Development (NGD) has released a notice that the Neo MainNet will be updated to run the latest version of Neo2’s core client, neo-cli v2.11.0. Following a successful upgrade of the Neo2 TestNet, consensus node operators on the MainNet will now coordinate an update that will add improved cross-chain support to the MainNet.

Consensus nodes will update between 8:00 am and 11:00 am (GMT) on August 14th, during which NGD has noted some network instabilities may occur. The version 2.11.0 will go live at block height 6016000, expected to occur around 3PM on August 16th.

The new version incorporates state root as a method for checking data consistency between different nodes, and allows for its distribution via the P2P messages emitted during consensus. Nodes will be able to check for their own data consistency against the state root signed by consensus nodes.

Neo uses the same method as Bitcoin, Merkle trees, to generate the state root. By verifying the state root, a unique fingerprint for the current network state, blockchain users can ensure that they are viewing correct information without needing to verify the entire blockchain’s history.

This is the underlying principle between SPV, introduced in the Bitcoin whitepaper, however the mechanism will also play a primary role in interoperability. Providing an easy way to verify correctness will allow nodes on the other networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to check whether certain actions have been finalized on the Neo blockchain, and vice versa, allowing cross-chain transactions to be settled.

The latest version of neo-cli may be downloaded at the following link: