Moonlight, a Neo-based distributed workforce platform, has announced several new updates such as third-party integration support, a new Typescript SDK, and QR codes for user profiles, among others. The new features aim to increase Moonlight’s product offering through integration with its decentralized self-sovereign identity (DSSI) solution, Vivid.

As part of the release, Moonlight exposed its Vivid developer portal, which allows third-party applications to integrate the Vivid DSSI.

In a recent Neo News Today Byzant conversation, Moonlight co-founder, Tyler Adams, noted the team had held conversations with applications interested in its DSSI solution. Vivid is designed to be portable so that users only need to verify their information once to use their identities on all Vivid-integrated apps.

Adams said, “Moonlight is also currently using the [DSSI] solution as a direct integration and we have a number of dApps we are working with to integrate the solution as we roll out some features required to meet their needs.”

To facilitate third-party integration, Moonlight has released a Quickstart guide that helps developers enable Vivid DSSI from a growing list of verification workflows. The guide walks through integrating and issuing Vivid identity claims functionality.

Moonlight has also released its Typescript SDK, which offers support for both the workforce platform and Vivid DSSI. The SDK “aims to be a lightweight library providing programmable interactions with Moonlight ecosystem.”

Lastly, at the request of users, Moonlight has added pre-formatted QR codes into its resume profile platform. Now, users can create scannable QR codes for all “link”-based profile access methods such as Twitter, email signatures, and other social media links. This will allow users to track from which channel their profiles are receiving views.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: