nOS have released create-nos-dapp, a one step method of building a framework for nOS powered applications with frontend technologies already installed and configured. The starter kit currently supports React, with Vue, Angular and Vanilla Javascript support planned for the future.

create-nos-dapp can be found on the nOS GitHub here:

nOS is a virtual operating system for NEO that will run on mobile and desktop, and functions like a browser and app store. nOS aims to encourage consumer level adoption of NEO dApps by providing a safer and easier way to use applications.

create-nos-dapp is a CLI tool that can be installed via Yarn or NPM. It will create a basic application that consists of common NEO smart contract interactions, such as reading from storage, invocations/interactions, test invocations, reading wallet data and making transactions.

nOS is encouraging development of nOS based applications by granting exclusive pre-sale access to developers who build a working proof of concept application. The create-nos-dapp tool will help bootstrap new projects to kick start development.

Developers who need support can visit the nOS Discord to talk to the nOS team and community.

More information on nOS can be found at the links below.